About Us

EyeSeeMe Project  is a UK registered charity that works with disadvantaged children in South East Asia and the UK.  Through the medium of photography, we use digital cameras as a tool for social change and personal empowerment. Children are taught basic photography and picture making skills and are asked to photograph their world and create images of special meaning to them.

This class gives the children a unique opportunity to tell the world about their own individual stories and in doing so we get to understand and identify the particular needs, hopes and dreams of each child for their future.

We believe that these classes plant seeds and offer the child valuable one to one time with our class leaders and the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment.

Project leader & Founder

The project is lead by our founder, Rebecca Robyns, who has been working closely
with the Thai Children’s Trust as a humanitarian photographer since 2014, and with many NGO’s based in South East Asia.

It was during a trip in September 2014, that Rebecca saw how fascinated the children were with her camera and images.  That lead to the idea of taking a handful of cameras suitable for children back to South East Asia with her.  From that point Rebecca devised a class that enabled children to not only learn camera skills but to use their images as a way of evaluating their life and future.
With Burmese ancestry she has a passion for this region and the welfare of its children.
Rebecca said, “If I can improve the life of one other person, then my life has been of value”.

Registered Charity Number : 1168820